Alleged official in Syria’s chemical weapon program has stake in electronics firm

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The following is an English-language version of Levant Network research prepared for Akhbar Alaan.

A top Syrian pharmacist accused of being a senior official in the regime’s chemical weapons program has business interests in an electronics company in Damascus, according to information reviewed by Levant Networks. 

In March 2018, the EU sanctioned Zuhair Fadhloun for being the director “of the branch of the Scientific Studies and Research Centre that is known as Institute 3000.”

“In this role, he is responsible for chemical weapons projects, including production of chemical agents and munitions,” the EU wrote at the time of his sanctioning.

Fadhloun is one of the leading figures in Syria’s pharmaceutical sector, serving as the president of the Scientific Council of Pharmaceutical Industries and general manager of the state-operated Dimas Pharmaceutical Industries Company.

Zuhair Fadhloun. (image via بلدي سورية My Country Syria Facebook page)

Fadhloun also has business ties with SeFa Digital, a firm in Damascus that sells computers and other electronic equipment.

Fadhloun owns 7.5 percent of SeFa Digital and became one of the company’s board members in November 2018, according to the Al-Iqtisadi business journal. SeFa Digital is 85 percent owned by Abd al-Nasser Sejari.

Syrian regime media reports in 2012 named Sejari as the vice president of the Scientific Council of Pharmaceutical Industries. 

While Sefa Digital’s website is no longer online, a web archive of the website reveals further information about the company.

“Founded in 1994, SeFa Digital experienced rapid expansion into the arena of IT hardware distribution and solution,” the company wrote.

“With commitment to service excellence, SeFa Digital became the reseller’s first choice for sourcing leading IT hardware and networking solutions in Levant territories,” the website also said.

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